Bailey de Moline Ends Football Career with TD Catch, MVP Award | High school football –


While the injury took him out of the game, he was still a leader on the sidelines.

“He made a really great game, a game that we’ve seen him do over and over again over the past few years,” said Morrissey. “And for him, holding the ball while breaking his collarbone is pretty impressive. It is a testament to his tenacity. But the good thing is that we always had good teammates on the sidelines. He cares about this team and he would trade all those accolades just to have a few more weeks of football.

The second memorable moment for Bailey was beating Sterling. The Maroons had lost to the Golden Warriors in the first two years since Sterling joined the league in 2019, but Moline outscored Sterling 38-7 on the road this season to win his first conference title since the Golden Warriors won. joined the conference.

“The most important thing I will remember from this season is beating Sterling,” Bailey said. “It hurts last spring. And the year before. This year, going up to Sterling and beating them is probably my best memory. “

In addition to the individual awards, Bailey also helped Moline break team records. The Maroons totaled 4,662 passing yards, 1,752 passing yards, averaging 423 yards per game, 424 points and averaging 39 points per game – all school records. Bailey was the main target for quarterback Alec Ponder and helped him break school records with 1,718 passing yards and 20 touchdowns.


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