Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott helps shed light on local Dallas charity: “It gives children faith and hope”


Ezekiel Elliott isn’t just dominating the field in 2021. The two-time NFL champion is making a big splash, too, thanks to his work in the local community. As the Dallas Cowboys enjoy a six-game winning streak largely thanks to Elliott’s resurgence, he’s also made time to be present in one of the toughest communities in the Dallas-Forth area. Worth – a neighborhood known as Oak Cliff.

Located southwest of downtown Dallas, Oak Cliff’s problems are those of many other low-income urban areas, which led to the founding of “For Oak Cliff,” a nonprofit organization founded by two former teachers: Xavier Henderson and Taylor. Toynes. The charity works hard to provide all kinds of services to the community, including food drives, GED classes, improving neighborhood parks, and camps for local children.

And now Elliott is helping their cause, not with predefined press operations, but regular visits that have long gone under the radar.

“They were telling me a bit about the organization and I was like, ‘Dude, that really reminds me of my home,’” Elliott said, via WFAA Channel 8. “I love going there – hanging out, spending time have a good time and do my part.

Henderson appreciates all of this more than Elliott knows.

“I think he’s not doing it for the press says a lot about his intentions,” he said of the All-Pro half-back. “He really wants to. He really sees the power of his platform and his influence.… We love him.”

Elliott’s help with “For Oak Cliff” drew attention to an episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” last August – drawing proper attention to what the organization is trying to build.

“I think it’s just a testament to what they have to do there,” Elliott said. “It’s a joy to go. It’s not a chore. I want to go to ‘For Oak Cliff’. I want to hang out with these kids. I want to go help get things done that they are trying to help do for their community. … It just gives the kids faith and hope that someday you can make it too. “

Elliott is no stranger to philanthropy, one of his most important acts stemming from his work with the Salvation Army made headlines when he jumped into the Big Red Kettle after a touchdown in 2016, which led to a fine from the NFL and Elliott. respond to the fine by raising millions for the organization – using his kettle hop as an opportunity to raise awareness. This time around there is no kettle and there are no bright lights and camera crowds, but that doesn’t make this work any less meaningful.

For more information on “For Oak Cliff” and how you can donate, Click here.

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