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Borrow money from a purely Czech company, which is Crich so It has been offering its favorite Easy Loan since 2004. It has been used by thousands of satisfied clients who can borrow from CZK 10,000 to CZK 150,000 with a maturity of up to 60 months.

A purposeless loan for everyone

A big asset is undoubtedly the non-purpose character of the loan. The easy loan can be used to finance anything. All this in addition to clear contract conditions, no collateral, and real estate guarantor. You certainly do not have to worry about any hidden fees, let alone those associated with early repayment. You can pay your credit anytime soon and at no extra cost.

Individual approach to the client

Make money in cash within 20 minutes, personalized negotiations and offer of the financial solution not only for ordinary employees but also for tradesmen and seniors. This is an easy loan, in which case everyone will really come to it- main site.

Payout table

  The amount of the loan Repayment period Monthly payment Interest* RPSN * Total *    
  50 000 CZK 60 months 1 565 Kč 10.1% 32.2% 93 889 CZK I am interested in  

Loan amount: 50 000 CZK Repayment time: 60 months Fee: 1 565 CZK Interest *: 10.1% RPSN *: 32.2% Total *: 93 889 CZK I am interested in

If a VIP product is used, a loan of CZK 50,000 made at a 60-month maturity with a monthly repayment of CZK 1,665 is a fixed interest rate of 10.1% pa and an APRC of 32.2%. A regular monthly administrative fee of CZK 500 is linked to the loan. The total amount payable by the consumer is CZK 93,889, of which the total cost of the loan is CZK 43,889.

frequent questions

Is it true that you will pay the cash in less than half an hour? Yes. At the branch, you will get cash in 20 minutes. Do I have to pay any fees in advance? No. The assessment of the loan application is completely free of charge. Do I need to approve the guarantor credit? Not. Not even any other credit security is required. Loan Amount 10,000 – 150,000 CZK Maturity 12 – 60 months Interest from 10.1% RPSN from 17.9%