Fantasy football – Three simple tips to win your autodraft


Back-to-school chaos. Late summer barbecues. Business trip.

Despite our best efforts, life sometimes gets in the way of our favorite pastime.

In fact, that’s exactly what inspired this article. I was scheduled to participate in the fantasy football group’s weekly draft on my way back to Los Angeles after being in the studio for the 2022 Fantasy Marathon. Rather than relying on Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet, one of our editors – Joe Kaiser – suggested testing some autodraft strategies.

It was by no means a perfect draft. But I learned that a few tweaks on draft day can produce a strong team.

Obviously, building a list in real time is still the most recommended (and satisfying) option, but ESPN fantasy made the auto-draft feature easily customizable. Doubling through the season and working the waiver thread is always a must, but drafting your fake football team on the spot doesn’t have to be… autodraft can save the day.

To adjust your draft settings, go to the My Team tab, then click Edit Draft Policy. Once you’ve scored the Pre-Draft Rankings tab, adjust the rankings by drag and drop.

It’s a one-stop-shop for your personal preferences…and convenience.

Auto Writing Tips

1. Write the position you want in the rounds you want

Are you passionate about a Robust RB strategy? Or does the Zero RB approach intrigue you? Maybe you want Josh Allen back early. Or maybe you’re comfortable waiting for the QB job. Either way, using the auto-pick feature allows you to set it and forget it when implementing your preferred game plan.

Simply adjust each round – specifying RB, WR, TE or FLEX – to reflect which position you want to prioritize and when. The tool will take over and select the best available option at the time and place you specified. This year I’m aiming for the second tier of QB, so I picked the seventh round to select a QB in hopes of acquiring Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts, or Dak Prescott (and it worked, because I landed Murray ). If, however, you’re betting big on a Lamar Jackson rebound, adjust for a fifth-round QB acquisition.

2. Auto Fade Players You Pass

Maybe you’re on Saquon Barkley. Or you’re a hardcore Titans fan who can’t stand rooting for AJ Brown’s version of Brotherly Love. No matter.

If you have no interest in a player, simply remove him from your team, regardless of his potential value.

To do this, go to the My team tab, then click on Edit draft strategy. Once you see the Pre-Draft Rankings tab, simply adjust the ranking by drag and drop and exclude any player you don’t want by clicking on the box next to their name.

You can also use this feature to prioritize your passion choices and improve their chances of joining your team. (For example, the George Pickens hype has me chilling out on Chase Claypool, which I definitely should have downed before hitting save and submit.)

3. Limit the number of players in certain positions

You don’t need two tusks. Or two kickers. Or even two TEs. To super-stock your bench with depth spikes, load up on FLEX while setting position limits.

This can be accomplished by filling in the min/max of each position for each round under the AutoPick Strategy tab.

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I don’t normally take two QBs, but I was interested in highlighting the flagger’s depth with this particular drill. As has been a trend in these sims, Aaron Rodgers fell… and landed on my team in round 11. I would have preferred a player with more upside like Nico Collins (kudos, Eric Moody) or Isaiah Spiller (on-brand Secret Squirrel move), but knowing that one can catch last year’s MVP in the double-digit rounds certainly illuminates a variety of strategic possibilities.

Ultimately, there is no substitute for clicks and queues during the clock. When time is not on your side, however, ESPN’s auto-selection feature offers considerable control in building your team.

The Loza team

QB1 Kyler Murray, Ari (Pick: 7.2 | Bye: 13)
QB2 Aaron Rodgers, GB (Pick: 11.2 | Bye: 14)
RB1 Christian McCaffrey, Car (Choice: 1.2 | Bye: 14)
RB2 James Conner, Ari (Pick: 3.2 | Bye: 13)
RB3 Josh Jacobs, LV (Pick: 4.11 | Bye: 7)
RB4 Antonio Gibson, Wsh (Pick: 5.2 | Bye: 14)
RB5 Marlon Mack, Hou (Pick: 14.11 | Bye: 6)
WR1 Amari Cooper, Cle (Pick: 6.11 | Bye: 9)
WR2 Chase Claypool, Pit (Pick: 8.11 | Bye: 9)
WR3 Robert Woods, Ten (Pick: 9.2 | Bye: 6)
WR4 Jarvis Landry, NO (Pick: 10.11 | Bye: 14)
WR5 Marquez Valdes-Scantling, KC (Pick: 12.11 | Bye: 8)
WR6 DJ Chark, Det (Pick: 13.2 | Bye: 6)
TE1 Mark Andrews, Prom (Pick: 2.11 | Bye: 10)
K1 Graham Gano, NYG (Pick: 16.11 | Bye: 9)
D/ST1 Buccaneers D/ST, VG (Pick: 15.2 | Bye: 11)

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