Jake Plummer to play quarterback in Canadian football film project Kick


There are a lot of actors who have played soccer players, and there are a lot of soccer players who have had notable acting careers. It is interesting, however, that when the differentiating point of a film is that it will be about Canadian football, it is an American quarterback who has never played in the CFL who is announced as the first player chosen. for it. This is what happened with the planned film Stroke, with 3 Down Nation’s John Hodge writing that former NFL QB Jake Plummer has joined this cast:

The Canadian football film Kick got the first featured member of its cast.

Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer has agreed to play the veteran Hamilton Tiger-Cats pivot, described by Toronto writer / producer Chris Bickford as “old and grizzled.”

“It’s a cool storyline,” Plummer said in an exclusive interview with 3DownNation. “It’s really good to present a league that doesn’t get a lot of respect for the amount of football that goes into it and the history behind the CFL, which is a very rich history there in Canada.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with Plummer (seen above with the Cardinals in 1998) wanting to be an actor. This article then goes on to tell how he is friends with his college teammate Isaiah Mustafa (known for Old Spice commercials and more), who tries to get him to explore acting. And Plummer is an interesting guy (seeing his post-NFL career venturing into handball), and someone who could definitely do well as an actor, and someone who’s excited about this movie and this role ( he told Hodge that he sees it as “the opportunity to do something that could be a lot of fun that I can add my energy and passion to”).

And at least Plummer is saying the right things about how he values ​​the CFL. It could easily have been a lot worse, with someone taking a ‘football is football’ approach to this question. And if he had been one of the many people to join this production, along with others with CFL experience, there wouldn’t be much to complain about here. But, with all of that said, it’s a bit of a disappointment for some CFL fans to see a film that comes across as heavily focused on what makes the CFL unique (according to an interview Bickford did with Hodge in April) announce. a former NFL player who has never played North of the Border as his first major casting pick. And that’s perhaps especially true when that player doesn’t have a solid acting background to begin with; it’s not like they’re grabbing a proven actor with soccer experience, they’re grabbing a former soccer player, but from the NFL rather than the CFL.

There’s obviously still more casting going on here, and maybe some of the other people they pick will have CFL backgrounds. And it’s worth mentioning that the movie isn’t all about the pro crew anyway; Hodge’s article notes that “Kick will focus on a group of tweens who adore the Ticates, an underdog team that opens the season 0-7 before making an unlikely return to the standings. Plummer will play the team’s quarterback in a supporting role. But still, there’s a bit of disappointment from that corner that this is the first casting move they’ve announced. But CFL often replaces something else on American television (CFL footage is used as a backdrop on televisions in countless sitcoms and dramas because it’s easier and cheaper to get footage. rights than the NFL), so a former NFL player replaces a CFL player in a CFL movie.

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