John Terry’s management hopes may be limited until he apologizes to Anton Ferdinand – Stan Collymore


John Terry returned to Chelsea as a youth development coach but has so far missed big league or Premier League gigs unlike his contemporaries Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney

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John Terry takes a behind-the-scenes look at a lavish mansion in February

John Terry returns to Chelsea as youth development coach.

This is the same John Terry who left Aston Villa to pursue his dream of being a full Premier League coach.

Or at the very least land a decent club in the league to start his career.

Returning to Chelsea to work with the children is a huge downfall for the former England and Chelsea defender.

So what is going on? I think Terry will one day make a great manager. He’s a serial winner, organizer and leader.

Why did his contemporaries, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, and Frank Lampard all get full-fledged good jobs? But is Terry back with the juniors?

John Terry didn’t have the job opportunities that the likes of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard did


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Well, that’s pretty obvious to me.

John Terry is damaged merchandise because he still didn’t apologize properly to Anton Ferdinand for saying the words “f ***** g black c ***” to him ten years ago.

It’s a shadow that still hangs over Terry and I think it will hold back his managerial ambitions until it is resolved in the current climate.

In October 2011, Terry said the words during an argument with Ferdinand while Chelsea played for QPR. This ended in a court and a Football Association hearing which revealed that he had used “offensive and / or insulting words… which included a reference to color and / or race”.

Terry was found not guilty of a racially aggravated public order offense in court, saying he only repeated the words to Ferdinand, which the magistrate called an ‘unlikely’ explanation .

John Terry’s failure to apologize to Anton Ferdinand could cause him to miss big jobs


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It all cost Terry the England captain at the time, and for some a stain remains.

It’s really easy for Terry now. Clubs will be wary of the backlash they get by giving the best job to a guy who is perceived to have racially abused an opposition player, but did not apologize face to face, only in a lawyer statement published by his club.

After the hearings, Terry’s statement said: “I accept that the language I have used, in any context, is not acceptable on the football field or even in any field.”

But when Anton tried to get Terry to speak in a documentary, the TV company was told that Terry had “moved on with his life”, that it had been settled in court.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Terry as a manager someday. There is room for forgiveness and the air must be purified here.

I was one of the first to appear in this column and on the radio years ago to get him back into the England squad as long as the Ferdinand situation was settled.

I’m just warning what other football players might think and explaining what’s holding Terry back.

Unlike his contemporaries Lampard and Gerrard, who have simple legendary status, Terry bears the brunt of this clash.

Namely, a big Championship or Premier League club will not touch him until he has publicly apologized all these years, given the anti-racism campaign by footballers in recent years, including players who are taking to it. knees.

John Terry was previously assistant head coach at Aston Villa

Either that or being so good at Chelsea academy that he is making his way through the club to land the Chelsea job.

If he came out tomorrow and said ‘Anton, my apologies’ he would be in contention for a good championship job in May.

Can John Terry be a good manager in his own right? Of course he can. The work he did at Villa was greatly appreciated. The players loved him and appreciated his work and his advice.

Can John Terry earn forgiveness and clean the slate? Of course he can, and ten years after this argument, I hope he will.

So it’s up to John Terry. Eat a humble pie, tackle the past head-on or navigate Chelsea club politics with the youth squad and hope one day to secure a role as a first-team goalkeeper.

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