Lionel Messi’s salary at PSG: how much salary will the former FC Barcelona star earn per week


Ionel Messi’s astonishing stint at Paris Saint-Germain has been confirmed, and with it his long-standing status as one of the highest paid players in world football.

According to various reports, PSG offered the best player in the world a salary of around € 35million per season after tax.

The agreement is for two years, with the possibility of a third year. Messi is ready to accept and an official announcement could come in the next 24 hours.

So how much will Messi earn at PSG?

Looking at the take-home pay of 35 million euros, that works out to just under 3 million euros per month (2.91 million euros to be more precise).

Messi will win € 729,000 per week, or € 104,000 per day or € 8,680 per hour or € 144.68 per minute or € 2.41 per second. These are all rough estimates, of course.

On top of that, Messi will also pocket a € 25million signing fee.

Interestingly, this is more than Neymar’s advertised € 31million per year salary and PSG are still in talks with Kylian Mbappe about an extension of his contract, which is only one year old. run and will be of a similar expense.


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