Meet 2022 NFL Draft Hope Brawntae Wells, DL, Northern Iowa

  • Name: Brawntae Wells
  • Position: DL
  • College: University of Northern Iowa
  • Height: 6’3 ″
  • Weight: 258 pounds

1.What are your favorite things about playing football for Northern Iowa?

My favorite thing about football for Northern Iowa is the people, the foundation and the hard work tradition. Each player and coach holds each other responsible for how we act on and off the pitch. I love the way everything is won and you have to work hard to gain the trust through your actions. We have a great support system from coaches, community members, academics, and fans. I love UNI because we are a family.

2.What sets you apart from other defensive linemen?

What sets me apart from other defensive linemen is that I have great leadership skills and am very versatile in my playing skills. I can do things like give the advantage, rush the passer, get back into the blanket and make plays like scoring touchdowns.

3.What role do you hope to have if you enter the NFL?

The role I hope to play in the NFL is to fit in where I am needed. Do my part and do what is asked of very high level coaches. Do my job and what I’m asked to do with everything I have.

4.If you could spend a day with any soccer player past or present, who and why?

If I could hang out with any soccer player past or present it would be the Bosa brothers and Aaron Donald because I love the way they play and the example they set for people like me. Both brothers spend hours perfecting their game and that’s why I love watching how they changed football on the defensive end. Aaron Donald is the best defensive player in the league. They have all perfected the art of the pass rush.

5.What made you decide to become a football player?

What made me decide I wanted to be a footballer was something I fell in love with as a kid. Being able to use my length, my speed and the gift of God, he has blessed me to do what I love. I love the team camaraderie and the physicality of the game. Football was the only place when I was a kid I could hit someone without being punished.

6. What is your state of mind when you are on the football field?

My state of mind when I’m on the pitch is to dominate and be disruptive. I want to show great leadership through my actions and do whatever it takes to win. Because of my position, my mindset is to expose an opponent rather than being exposed. Win the line of scrimmage and defeat my opponent mentally and physically.

7.What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workouts are boxing, swimming and yoga. Boxing is great for my hand-eye coordination, hips, speed, and stamina. Swimming is great for endurance and it’s a low impact full body exercise that also helps with recovery. Yoga improves your strength, flexibility, mobility and range of motion as well as injury prevention.

8.What do you like about football?

I love that football teaches you more than the sport itself. Football has taught me a lot about life on how to work together, responsibility, discipline, loyalty, trust, growth and adversity. Football teaches you to be coachable, to adapt, to work hard and to overcome difficult times in life and on the pitch.

9.What kind of energy do you bring to the soccer field?

The type of energy that I bring to the field is positive energy. The most important thing that I apply in every game is to be a positive leader, and being captain I have to bring great energy and body language every day. Knowing that I am attached to football and my teammates, my energy is always at an elite level every time I step onto the pitch.

10.What would a team gain from a player like you?

A team would have in a player like me someone who would give everything while never taking a day or a moment for granted. They will have a hard-working player, adaptability and someone who loves football. I am a very responsible, disciplined and trustworthy player. I will put others above me and I will do whatever it takes for any team towards our goals and successes.

11.How do you prepare for the games?

I prepare for matches by spending hours studying my opponent in the movies. I study patterns, training, study lineup, games, as well as breaking down the offensive line. Prepare my state of mind on the individual and collective spotting of the opponent each week. Take what I learn and apply it every day. Another way to prepare for a game is by putting into practice what I learned about my opponent while studying the movie. It is also the moment for me to work on my job and on what I need to improve each week. The last way I prepare for a game is to make sure I am physically ready for the week leading up to the game. I also prepare my body with additional rehabilitation, hydration, diet and a sleep routine to improve my performance.

12.What are your favorite moments of your footballing life?

Some of my favorite moments in my footballing life are winning state championships in high school, getting a North Iowa Division 1 offer, scoring a sixth pick in a college game, making the playoffs. playoffs and work for a national championship. Most of the memorable moments in football started with building relationships with the team and coaches and enjoying being the great football player that I am.

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