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ATLANTA, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Independent Sports Association (AIS) is pleased to announce the launch of the Independent Professional Football League (IPFL). The league has developed more than two dozen teams slated to debut in various states across the United States in June 2023.

IPFL joins forces with 32 former NFL legends to form the first private professional football league, owned and operated by the superstars who made football great. All 32 IPFL franchise teams are owned by former NFL players such as: Andre Rison, Brian Mitchell, JaMarcus Russell, Vernon Fox, Tyrone Hughes, Rod Gardner, Daunte Culpepper and Ray Rice, just to name a few. With the commissioner of the IPFL, jamal anderson, paves the way, with Warren Sapp as deputy commissioner. Indie Pro Football’s inaugural 2023 season will “change the face of football forever!”.

This new league gives athletes the opportunity to play for the greatest footballers, at a professional level, where players will be paid to play and compete in nationally televised matches. The IPFL targets untapped talent allowing athletes (players who currently do not have the opportunity to play for pay) to earn pay per game. The organization combines the energy of America’s fastest growing youth sports with electrifying athletes to create world-class entertainment designed to recognize and connect athletes and fans nationally and locally.

The IPFL age categories are as follows:

  • Lil Kids Division Ages 8 to 9
  • Big Children Division 10-11 years old
  • Youth division 12-14 years old
  • Teens division 15-17 years old
  • Adult Division 18 and over

The IPFL consists of 32 franchise teams in 16 states selected by AIS which are divided into two territories (Atlantic and Pacific). Each state is further divided into two zones, within each state, represented by IPFL Zone A and IPFL Zone B

AIS is bringing Indie Pro Sports and Indie Pro Football to the following states:

Atlantic: GA, LA, MS, AL, NC, VA, OH, NJ

Pacific: IA, TX, NE, AR, AZ, UT, CA, OR

IPFL gives top athletes the opportunity to showcase their talents and thrive in a positive environment. The IPFL is now open for registration for all age categories. You can register by visiting


Our message to young people – “Come grab a soccer ball…Instead of grab a deal.”

The headquarters of the Independent Professional Football League is located at 120 S. Hill Street, Griffin, GA, 30223. The IPFL can be contacted at (404) 369-0207. You can visit our website at

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“Come catch a ball…instead of catch a deal.”

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