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Las Vegas Raiders reverse rookie Zamir white has seen significant playing time and appears to be one of the team’s top three running backs.

Las Vegas Raiders veteran running back Kenyan drakerole of was reduced to backup on third downs and the third or fourth string rusher.

• The Minnesota Vikings rested their biggest stars, allowing Alexander Mattison and KJ Osborn see significant playing time.

• Read the fantastic reaction to games of Thursday, Friday and Saturday for what happened in the other 15 games.

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Disorganized Zamir White: Josh McDaniels’ Patriots had Damien Harris, Rhamander Stevenson and Jacques White. His Raiders increasingly seem to be replicating this pattern, with their trio being Josh Jacobs, Zamir white and Amir Abdullah. Jacobs and Abdullah had the day off alongside several other starters. White started the game and returned all other records with Drake. Generally, if a rookie is behind a veteran, they can catch up. But if the rookie is ahead of the veteran, he’ll likely stay there. This gives White the chance to see at least some playing time in Week 1 in attack. If he plays well enough, he should have a shot at starting as the season progresses if he can get past Jacobs.

don’t write Kenyan drake: Drake appears to have already lost the transmission role to Abdullah. He played on third downs in the first practice and saw game time until halftime. It should be noted that the Raiders also have Brandon Bolde, who did not play but who can also play the role of transmission. He’ll probably still be in the squad, but he’s unlikely to see much playing time. It’s one thing to sign a rookie who sits fourth in the depth chart at this time of year. , but it’s another thing to pick a veteran.

Ignore the number of Vikings snaps: The Vikings rested only a few starters in this game, but that included most of the players worth drafting into fantasy football. KJ Osborn is an intriguing endgame option, while Alexander Mattison is one of the best handcuff running backs in the league. The two played two practices in the first quarter and their days ended while other players who had started the game continued to play. The Vikings did exactly what you expected.

Notes on the table
  • Snaps include plays recalled due to penalties, including offensive holding or defensive pass interference. The other three stats have those games removed.
  • Targets may differ from official NFL sources. The most likely discrepancy would come from a clearly thrown pass, where the NFL can give the target to the closest receiver, while this data won’t.
  • Staves are only on designed decks. Quarterback scrambles will not count towards the total number of runs in the game.

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