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The Spanish prefer payday loans

And the fact that applying for a credit card today invades the portfolios of a large part of the world’s population. The use of credit cards has become popular in such a way that it leaves the cash behind as a form of payment. In addition, credit cards are accepted in the vast majority of businesses worldwide, being more used in the purchase of food products and gasoline service stations.

The Internet has also been of great help for the expansion of instant credit card request since through online services you can buy the products you want. For example, it is a common practice to obtain tickets to attend different art shows. It is also usual to use the credit card to make purchases of airline tickets and hotel reservations, which saves users time and often also money since companies promote important purchase promotions through the Internet. The sum of all these factors explains why the boom in credit cards in Spain does not stop, because there is no denying that they do not carry cash and despite this being able to pay with the credit card any item, even paying with it the collective transport, is more than tempting.

Spaniards, for example, have pointed out that for them, one of the most important advantages of using credit cards is not having to carry large amounts of cash, because it is more uncomfortable to carry and easy to lose. According to a study carried out last year by a major credit card issuer in Europe, more than 50% of the Spanish inhabitants who operate credit cards consider that the greatest use of credit cards is not having to carry important amounts of cash at the time of purchase, while half emphasize that the effectiveness with which they operate is also essential to decide to use them. In a much lower percentage, which does not exceed 10%, there is the benefit of being able to make purchases with the ease of paying them later.

Regarding the preferences for handling and requesting a credit card instead of using cash, the respondents considered that it is more inconvenient to carry coins since they are very heavy. Therefore a high number of people believes that they are too easy to lose unlike the card, which according to them gives them greater security against loss. It is for this reason that financial institutions constantly promote innovative advertising campaigns, with the purpose of encouraging payment with cards. The objective basically lies in emphasizing that using credit cards instead of cash is a better option since they are a payment instrument that provides greater convenience, security, and speed to the client.

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