Wrigley Football Saturday is Here, DFA player to sue, Soriano contract, Cubs Bullets


The little girl made me leave VERY TT Christmas music on the radio last night for a drive, and I’m pretty sure I’ve broken the seal now. You can’t put those ‘Carol of Bells’ back in the toothpaste tube or whatever. Just play me the Taylor Swift version of “Last Christmas” – the definitive version, no apologies – and I’ll be good.

• Wrigley Field is set to host football again today, with Northwestern facing Purdue. Lots of cool touches, and it should be a great day for multiple work areas and college football fans as well:

• Yesterday’s entry deadline means there are now a whole bunch of guys who were left unprotected against the Rule 5 draft around baseball, but more immediately that also means there now has a whole bunch of guys who have been DFA (to make way for the protected outlook). I want to say, the gardians alone DFA has seven players. Now’s a good time to grab the tie-off if there’s a guy you like, and the Cubs have the 7th highest tie-off (you can trade for a guy if you don’t think he is. will reach you on waive order). I’d be surprised if the Cubs didn’t make an addition over the coming week, if only to then try to sneak that same guy on waivers later in the offseason.

• To that end, an off-field left-handed batsman, with minor league options remaining, who never really got a chance to advance into the major leagues due to the extreme overcrowding ahead of him? Of course, it looks like exiting Dodgers outfielder Zach Reks should be a target for the Cubs:

• Reks, 27, hit 0.280 / 0.382 / 0.539 on Triple-A this year (127 wRC +, 12.1% BB rate, 28.5% K rate, 0.259 ISO). It’s not like there’s no problem with that strikeout rate, but it could be a free kick on a guy with obvious talent (in an area where you need it), and the chance to be the first new organization to work with him. Plus, his last name is literally Reks. How don’t you go after this guy?

• Oh, and while I know he trended down last year and maybe doesn’t deserve a 40 man spot at this point, I hope the Cubs find a way to get reserve wide receiver Willians Astudillo after he was DFA by the twins. The guy is just plain fun to watch – LA TORTUGA! You can see all the DFAs around the baseball, and the other lineout moves, here at MLBTR.

• 15 years ago, the Cubs signed their (then) biggest contract in franchise history, surprising people by going all out for Alfonso Soriano:

• Soriano did exactly what you would expect from a guy this age with a contract like that, playing really well from the start, then fading away as he gets older. That’s the problem with these kinds of contracts: you pay a lot of money in the long run because that’s what it takes to get the star player you want. at present. You just hope that (1) you get the most out of the player in the early years, and (2) your team is playing well as you go through those better years. For those Cubs, they made the playoffs each of his first two seasons, and Soriano was worth WAR 10.5 in those two seasons. Basically they got what they should have expected. Even from then on, Soriano was hardly useless, mostly posting above average numbers at home plate while improving his defense in left field. This contract was just never the albatross that people claimed to be. I can think of much worse eight-year field contracts for the Cubs.

• Speaking of Soriano, this year’s Heart and Hustle winner comes with a few connections to the Cubs:

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• Something to watch out for next year, with unvaccinated professional athletes banned from entering Canada starting January 15:

• Don’t sleep on Nelson Maldonado’s bat – the only questions are where he can play and if he’s healthy for next year:

• 10/10 would look at:

• But he was the rookie of the year:

• Michael has jokes:

• It’s crazy :

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